Video: Stauffer & Sons on NBC News

Written by Andy Stauffer

May 2

andy stauffer interviewed on nbc news

NBC News came out to a few of our job sites and brought a camera crew to document our rebuilding process and interview some of our custom home clients. Watch the video below.


Video Transcript

Cindy Miller: I saw smoke going straight up, and so I actually got in the car and went looking for it, and some firefighters said “Get out,” so I came back to the house and we ran into the house trying to get whatever we needed to get.
Ray Miller: I wasn’t scared for a second, I was too angry to be afraid. My house was burning, and all my stuff in it. I was mad as hell.
Cindy Miller: This is where we were married honey.
Ray Miller: Yeah.
Cindy Miller: I knew immediately, I wanted to… to live here, and rebuild.
Ray Miller: In our lifetime, we’ll never see it the way it was [again]. it’s kind of a sobering thought.
Andy Stauffer: Typically I’ve been meeting with clients within two to three weeks after the fire… having working with so many of them between the last two fires, I’ve seen these common threads that run through it and I see this process of healing, and so I can just about identify the stages of: disbelief and denial; to acceptance; to excitement; and then fulfillment… I think people are living with a lot more sensitivity towards their environment, there’s a number of things we’re thinking about now that really weren’t on our radar screen as much prior to the fire[s]… the strategy in the past was ‘really nestle that home in the trees’ and now we’re re-thinking that.
Cindy Miller: Look at the whole front range.
Ray Miller: I love living here… I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Life goes on, so you kind of do what you have to do and you can’t let it destroy you, you just kind of have to move on.


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