Stauffer & Sons in AmEx Open Forum

Written by Andy Stauffer

March 15

Today, American Express ran a story called “The Big Purchase That Helped These Construction Businesses Grow” and we were happy to contribute our story. Construction equipment, as you might guess, is quite expensive, and it’s usually a major step for a small company to start making equipment purchases. Since we’re a General Contractor, we rarely have to buy large equipment, but our vendors and subcontractors often do, and when they do, we’re able to send work their way. Here’s an excerpt from the article on that note:

Andy Stauffer, owner of Stauffer and Sons Construction, a custom home builder in Colorado Springs, Colorado, hasn’t had to make a big purchase lately, but he has advised subcontractors to buy expensive equipment. Doing so helped his subcontractors as well as his own business. “Our concrete foundation subcontractor had been in the foundation business for 20-plus years and was doing everything old-school with snapping chalk lines,” Stauffer says. A few years ago, Stauffer told him, “We’re getting quotes from guys who are cheaper than you. We want to keep using you, but they’ve got better equipment and you’re lagging behind.”

To find out what happened, read the full article. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page).


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