Andy Writes for Builder Magazine – Assembling the Team

Written by Andy Stauffer

May 11

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This month’s edition of Builder Magazine online has another article written by our very own Andy Stauffer. In it, he describes the typical scenario that we see in our Design/Build company: where we assemble “the team” of Designer, Builder, and Homeowner. Here’s an excerpt:

“The collaborative Design/Build approach aims to prevent this from happening. Having our team in place from the beginning helps us identify the desires of the owner, knowing the constraints of the budget, site conditions, etc. We look to our architect to imagine, dream, draw, revise, and otherwise cast the vision for the home. As the builder, I am responsible for balancing wants and needs with costs, to value engineer, to weigh in on “buildability,” and to keep the entire process moving forward. Finally, we look to the owner to convey what is in their head and heart, to set the budget and to make decisions when they are presented with choices…”

To read the full article here, click here.


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