Timber & Log Home Construction

Do you like timber? We LOVE it! To us, timber is the essence of what Colorado Springs has to offer. Colorado is home to some of the nicest mountains in all of North America. Right here in our own city, we have Pikes Peak—one of America’s most famous 14ers—here in the heart of the world-famous Rocky Mountains. We have pines, junipers, firs, cedars, spruces, aspens and much more, surrounding us at all times. Their natural beauty and aroma are ubiquitous—everywhere you go, you see our majestic evergreen trees.

We’ve tried to take our natural surroundings and incorporate them into the designs and structure of the homes and buildings that we build, and instead of covering up the wood used in a project, we like to leave it exposed—celebrating it rather than hiding it. A lot of the homes we build have large timber truss entryways, as well as log or timber accents on both the exterior and interior, depending on the size and style of the home.

Since we’re often building in the mountains, many of the lots we build homes on already have trees we can use for milling into construction quality timber. Sometimes, this can be used for things like log siding or trusses, and sometimes it can be used in a home’s interior such as a mantel over a fireplace. In these cases, we often visit the job site before construction begins and fell the trees ourselves and mill up the lumber in our portable mill that we bring with us from job to job.

One of our favorite aspects of working with timber in the 21st Century is the fact that unlike construction methods from centuries past, we now have the best of both worlds: we can build a “classic” looking structure with all the old-world timber craftsmanship, but also build a highly energy-efficient envelope to go along with it. For example, almost all of our timber homes have Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) to offer as much insulation as possible.

If you’d like, check out our timber frame construction section to learn more about how and why we build with SIPs. Or you can watch us on FOX21 News from when they interviewed us about our LEED Platinum home (the very first one in Southern Colorado) and you might surprised to see just how beautiful the near-net zero energy home really was in our photo gallery. Or, if you have time, listen to the timber frame podcast with Texas Timber Frames that Andy Stauffer was interviewed in recently.

Interested in talking more? Come by our office or contact us to schedule a time to visit. You can even see samples of our timber work in our lobby.