“The Day The Forest Burned” DVD for Sale

Written by Andy Stauffer

September 12

dvd the day the black forest fire burned

If you’ve read any of the recent posts on our website, you’ll notice that the Black Forest fire has affected our community (and company) in a big way. But you may not have know exactly what the “full” story is on how the fire started, where it started, how it spread, the full impact it had, and a real breakdown of the statistics.

If you want to learn more about the fire, there’s a great resource available: a DVD has been produced by the Black Forest History Committee, and it has 50 minutes of videos, photos, and a full narrative of the timeline. We recently purchased it for our records, and encourage you to do the same. Below is a trailer for the video, to give you an idea of what it contains.

It’s called “The Day The Forest Burned: The Story of the Black Forest Fire” and while it’s not available for purchase online, you can learn more about the organization that produced it find out how to buy it locally by visiting the Black Forest Community Club’s website here: www.bfcommunityclub.org. It also may be available at RnR Coffee Cafe, or the Rockin’ B Feed Store.

A special thanks goes out to everyone involved in creating the video, and especially the homeowners who were willing to share photos of their properties that were affected. We appreciate you sharing your story so we can fully understand the impact of this disaster.

Audio Transcript:

This is the story of the Black Forest fire. A massive fire that burned for three days, destroyed 488 homes, and scorched over 14,000 acres of beautiful ponderosa pine forest.

It was the most costly fire in Colorado history to date. Tuesday, the 11th of June, 2013 dawned as another ordinary day in the black forest. People went about their daily tasks, drove to their jobs and ran errands into town. As the day progressed, the temperature rose to 97 degrees; a second record-high in two days. The humidity plunged to 2%; rain had been scarce for several weeks, resulting in tinder-dry grass and trees. In the afternoon, the wind picked up from the south west to 37 miles per hour, with gusts as high as 47 [miles per hour].

While the day seemed to be little different from hundreds of others just like it, all of that was soon to change. Somehow, a fire started in an out-of-the-way corner of a forested lot and by the time the sun set, the black forest was scorched and burned so severely it will take a generation to restore.

The cause of the fire of 2013 has yet to be determined. Early pictures from a news helicopter show the origin in a development called “Falcon Forest” on an undeveloped lot between Peregrine Way and Falcon Drive. The fire started several hundred feet north of Shoup Road, precluding a the possibility of a cigarette thrown carelessly by a driver on the road. Fire investigators scoured the area and pinpointed the ignition point, but don’t know if the fire was intentional or accidental. Tragically, it was human caused.


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