Stauffer & Sons Construction’s Leed Platinum Home on TV (FOX21)

Written by Andy Stauffer

August 18

fox21 news channel logo

Earlier this month, FOX21 news visited our site to check out our LEED™ Platinum home in Divide, CO. Here’s the video clip that ran that night.


Video Transcript

Voiceover: speaking of going green: Stauffer & Sons Construction is building the first LEED Platinum home in the pikes peak region. LEED stands for “leadership in energy and environmental design,” and is a program run by the US Green Building Council. The builders say will help reduce heating bills by around sixty percent and will also generate up to eighty percent of the heat energy right on the site.
General Manager: “It’s really all about the design of a new home to be environmentally friendly, [provide] a high quality of life for the family members, low waste and high energy efficiency.”
Voiceover: the project manager says he would be surprised if the owners spent more than fifty dollars a month on energy bills. The house should be complete by November.


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