Builder & Developer Magazine: Designing Buildable Structures, by Andy Stauffer

Written by Andy Stauffer

December 13

builder magazine dec 2016

Andy’s article in December 2016’s issue of Builder & Developer Magazine is on the topic of buildability. Here’s an excerpt:

“The importance of planning and designing buildable structures cannot be overemphasized. At its heart, buildability is as much about process as it is about final product. To illustrate, I need only ask readers to recall a project in their own careers that came together in the end in spite of innumerable hurdles, RFI’s, ASI’s, change orders, cost overruns, and pain and gnashing of teeth. All of these small negatives add up, ultimately, to one big negative – lost profits. Do I have your attention now? A builder’s job often includes being a moderator of multiple—and sometimes competing—interests. What is best for the framer is not necessarily best for the plumber. It is the job of the builder, architect and engineers to inventory and overlay each trade’s path of best practice, then apply these paths to a plan, executed according to a program, to arrive at a product. Simple in theory, right?”

Read the full article in the online edition here. It’s on page 46.


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