Our Customer Testimonials

Something you’ll hear frequently around our office is: “If you want to know about Stauffer & Sons, ask anyone in town. They’ll only have good things to say.” We know that the best way to earn new business is to take care of the clients we already have. To that end, here’s a list of things some of our previous clients have said about their experience in working with us.

“I was most satisfied with Stauffer & Sons’ communication. They were always professional and friendly. I always had access to the house 24/7. I loved that. I heard about Stauffer & Sons Construction through the parade of homes. My favorite aspect of my new home is the first floor. It’s hard to pick just one thing.”
(Watch a video of Julie’s story here).

Julie O.

Colorado Springs, (Mountain Shadows)

“We first heard about Stauffer & Sons from some neighbors who were also looking for builders to rebuild from the Waldo Canyon fire. This was our first experience building a home. We interviewed three builders before hiring Stauffer & Sons. Andy was incredibly willing to make our wishes a part of the design. They offered many suggestions while incorporating what we were asking for. The other builders we talked to offered to make changes to their existing floor plans, but Stauffer & Sons helped us build more of a custom design starting from scratch. We felt like we were not just one of many customers and we appreciated the personal contact. We are very happy with Stauffer & Sons: most happy with the way we were treated as a part of the process and not just as customers. The experience had a personal aspect and we were treated like friends. Even our daughter was given the same treatment. When you have lost everything that has been home for 24 years it is very difficult. Thanks for helping us have a home!”
Hani & Lynn A.

Colorado Springs, (Mountain Shadows)

“We just signed with Stauffer & Sons Construction for our third construction project. We’ve been happy with the first two and expect to be happy with this new project. We are most satisfied with how easy it is to work with them. They came up with the design and we were able to make tweaks to it.”
Kristian & Jaenette C.

Colorado Springs, (Black Forest)

“Stauffer & Sons Construction did a garage addition for us prior to them building our house. We didn’t consider anyone else; I called Andy Stauffer and asked him to build our house. I trusted him 1000%. My favorite aspects of our new home are the master bathroom and the shower. The final product is a gorgeous and well-built home. If you’re looking for a builder you can trust, Stauffer & Sons are the ones.”
Phil & Kathy M.

Colorado Springs, (Black Forest)

“We are satisfied with Stauffer and Sons. I am very satisfied with the construction quality. We hired Andy because he seemed very knowledgeable and trustworthy. The experience he had with million dollar homes was another reason we trusted him to handle ours. We would recommend them to other people.”
Dan & Terri D.

Colorado Springs, (Mountain Shadows)

“We found Stauffer & Sons Construction through the realtor we were using in Colorado Springs. We talked with two other builders prior to meeting and signing on with Stauffer and Sons and chose them because they were more in tune with true custom building. There were weather delays caused by February snows and May rains but Stauffer & Sons did a good job minimizing the impact. We’re highly satisfied with the quality of workmanship and the structural engineering of the house. They worked to make our desires take shape with reasonable costs. Our house sits very nicely on our wooded lot. Overall it is a very nice looking home that is comfortable to live in.”
Ken & Pam B.

Monument, (Woodmoor)

“The team was responsive, the website login was easy, the vendors were great. Our house is gorgeous. We chose Stauffer & Sons because we knew they’d do a good job. We took advantage of a tricky lot and it turned out to have the most gorgeous views. Even better than we guessed it would be.”
Tripp & Emilie M.

Castle Rock

“They really came through and built us what we wanted. They were at our price point and we really liked their product. My favorite aspect is the way they placed the home on the property. It really looks like it belongs here.”
Glenn & Kelly D.

Colorado Springs, (Black Forest)

“We picked Stauffer & Sons because they had great references and unprecedented quality. They completed a large multi-million dollar remodel project for us in a remote location and because of their great communication and skill were able to provide a high quality product despite extensive nature, location of the project and the logistical challenges. The views of the mountains that are visible through the enormous living room windows make the expense and challenges well worth the time. If you have the opportunity to hire Stauffer and Sons you will be glad you did not pass up the opportunity to work with such a great staff.”
Tom H.


“We love the radiant floor heating. The whole house has a pleasing appearance inside and outside. I appreciated all the good suggestions from Stauffer & Sons and I’m glad I took them. We especially love our big shower. It was very easy to communicate with both Andy and Mike, and they got the job done in a timely manner.”
John & Kathy M.

Colorado Springs, (Black Forest)

“Their homes are unique. They will customize the home to the individual. I hired Stauffer & Sons Construction because they showed great concern about building what I wanted and everything was explained. All the others didn’t discuss my preferences or offered a “take it or leave it” design and contract. My favorite part of my new home is the space, openness and overall construction and floor plan.”
Terry R.

Colorado Springs, (Mountain Shadows)

“We are proud of Stauffer & Sons Construction and became good friends with most of their staff. We would (and do) recommend them whenever we can, and every time we show off our dream house. We saw their Parade home and liked their friendliness, and the overall interior decorating selections. We liked how they kept on top of building schedules (from my experience, this is easier said than done), and we really liked their customer login on the website. They kept us in the loop and gave us a heads up on what the next construction phase would be.

We selected their “Roaring Fork” design as this was the layout we’d been looking for since the Black Forest fire, and the architect modified it to our needs (i.e. added a sauna). It was amazing how it all came together, and the cabinets, tiling, fireplace ledge stones, wet bar and kitchen island designs are exceptional. We have and will refer S&S to anybody looking for home (remodeling or new). The are exceptional and professional custom builders.”

Ralph & Claire K.

Colorado Springs, (Black Forest)

If we had it to do all over again knowing what we know about Stauffer & Sons, we’d do it again in a second. Every member of the company was the best in their knowledge, skill, and the selection of their subcontractors. I always felt in the loop, and if I had a question about anything, I would get an answer immediately or they would find the answer. I had a neighbor who used Stauffer & Sons for a remodel. When she lost her home in a forest fire and decided to use them again, I knew they must be good because she went back to them to build an entire house. I called Andy Stauffer on the phone to set up an appointment about building a new home since we lost ours in a forest fire. I immediately was intrigued by his professionalism, and sense of humor. When we began the process, we filled out a four-page questionnaire about who we were and what we liked and disliked. Because of that and the input from the builder, architect, project manager, and us, this home fits us like a glove. For that reason, I can’t just name one aspect. We love everything about our new home.
Ray & Cindy M.

Colorado Springs, (Black Forest)

“We heard about Stauffer & Sons through an HBA Black Forest event. We liked the staff, methods and that they were building other homes in our neighborhood. Our new home looks beautiful in all areas.”
Bill & Linda B.

Colorado Springs, (Black Forest)

“I was referred to Stauffer & Sons by a friend. I felt it was better to go with a builder who worked with my friend and did a great job, rather than a builder I knew nothing about. Stauffer & Sons’ marketing was very professional (flyers, website, etc.) and I liked that Andy was involved with the Black Forest community during a critical time after the fire. There are so many beautiful things about the house to appreciate. I love how the hard wood floors were laid and I love the granite. I love the details of the entrance of the home where the wood is stained beautifully. I love all the colors I picked out too. The trim and paint looks great inside. The website login was great and the whole team at Stauffer & Sons is great too! Very friendly and timely. I would definitely recommend them to others! I’m so proud of my beautiful new home!”
Lauren C.

Colorado Springs, (Black Forest)

“I enjoyed my interaction with Stauffer & Sons and I particularly enjoyed the value engineering aspects of their approach. I liked interacting with the superintendent on the job site and their responsiveness to our concerns. I chose to work with Stauffer & Sons because of their professional approach and approach to value engineering. The distressed wood is my favorite aspect.”
Jim & Joan W.

Woodland Park

“I would recommend Stauffer & Sons to someone else. They did a good job. They were on schedule and pretty much on budget. I was the most satisfied with the design. Stauffer & Sons did a really good job designing the house to fit with the property we had. We heard about Stauffer & Sons through River Bend Timber Frames. We were looking at timber frames and at that time Stauffer & Sons was one of their builders. We interviewed three builders and picked Andy Stauffer because we liked the River Bend package and Andy was also going to do the design and the build, which we liked. My favorite aspect of my new home is the the timber frame beams.”
Kurt & Barbara K.


“If I were to build again tomorrow, I would call Stauffer & Sons Construction. Their subcontractors were exceptionally good. They didn’t fall short on anything. I have built two other houses, and I worked in a business where I dealt with contractors frequently, and by far, they went above and beyond my expectations and passed experiences. They were very conscientious and very good all around. I bought my set of house plans from a company in Idaho, and Stauffer & Sons was one of the three they recommended me from this area. I talked to all three, but Stauffer came out on top. I have already recommended them to about five friends.”
Garry M.

Colorado City

“We are the proud owners of a new custom home built by Stauffer & Sons Construction! During the construction in Colorado, we were living 1,200 miles away (in Houston, Texas), so we really depended on Mike (their Project Manager) to represent our needs and to do things right, even when we weren’t watching. Communication was key as Mike and Andy faced and solved the many challenges that come up in a project this size. We used phone calls and emails and flew to Colorado to visit and even though we often weren’t on site, we were kept in the loop. They adopted the vision of the house we had imagined and brought it to life. The crew at Stauffer & Sons gave us the advantage of their solid grounding in the Colorado Springs community and reflected the business relationships they have established in their previous projects. The house is great and stands as a visible testimony to our builder’s commitment to honesty, quality, and excellence. The feeling of living in a house that is truly ours, from concept to reality, from the basement to the chimney, is very special. We would use Stauffer & Sons again and recommend them without hesitation.”
Eric & Nancy L.


“We knew that building our house in the Colorado mountains while still living in Illinois would be a challenge. We went through a list of builders and found Stauffer & Sons Construction. After meeting with Andy Stauffer for an hour or so, we decided that he had the company we would trust to build our home. Stauffer & Sons’ Project Manager, Mike, was full of energy and kept us up to date with emails and photos of what was happening. He made the building process easy and fun. All of the trades that worked for Stauffer & Sons did a great job. The workmanship was excellent. I would not think twice about hiring them again!”
Bob K.


“My husband and I live in Florida, and we purchased thirty-eight acres of land in Cuchara (Southern Colorado) seven years ago. We decided that we really wanted a custom-built timber frame home on our property, and after investigating General Contractors on the Internet and in magazines, we came out to Denver to attend a Log and Timber Home Show where we met Stauffer & Sons Construction. Stauffer & Sons was able to take our ideas and desires and design the perfect home for us. Andy Stauffer was always responsive to our questions and, using his experience, helped us get the maximum timber frame look while staying within our budget. Our Project Manager, Mike, was also a great asset in keeping the project on schedule and making sure the work was done right. Our home is warm, well constructed, and has that “WOW” factor of huge timbers, a great view, and a large, open feel to it.”
Mike & Carol G.