Sewer Line Scope Video Before Building A Home

Written by Andy Stauffer

January 30

sewer scope video

Have you ever wondered about how you can verify whether your plumbing has any blockage or not? Plumbers sometimes use a “video scope” to check the integrity of your pipes and pinpoint blockages or other damage to the system. Builders use them as well sometimes when building a new home. For example, we recently rebuilt a home that was burned in a fire, and when we went to connect the home’s plumbing to the city sewer, we were required to have our plumbers perform a sewer line scope to verify the integrity of the existing plumbing (since it might have been damaged in the fire). Here’s a quick video showing how that works. It’s a pretty handy way to take a look at something that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. While it’s not a particularly “exciting” process, it is an important step in building a home and ensuring that your plumbing is in working order (which everyone can appreciate!).


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