Andy’s Article in Builder & Developer Magazine

Written by Andy Stauffer

February 10

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Builder & Developer Magazine just published an article by Andy Stauffer about his thoughts on exterior finishes for a home. Here’s an excerpt:

“When we think of the “curb appeal” of a home in a general sense, we tend to think of the first things someone sees when driving up: the front porch, the yard, the lawn, the white picket fence, etc. However, your home’s exterior is not only part of the “pretty face” of your property, but also serves a much higher calling: to be the “shell” that offers protection for the house itself and comfort for its occupants. When I’m building someone a custom home, an interesting relationship is formed: the client plays the part of the creative, dreaming, free-spirit while I play my cold, dispassionate, number-crunching self. It’s a love story; we’ll call it “Passion and Practicality” (hardly Tolstoy, but a much shorter read).”

Read the article here.


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