Andy Stauffer Featured in Builder & Developer Magazine

Written by Andy Stauffer

February 20

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Andy recently contributed an article to Builder & Developer Magazine, and it can be seen in February’s issue. In it, he describes new exterior materials that builders can use, move-up buyers, the new trend away from open floor plans and excessive home automation. Here’s an excerpt:

“This year, I’m entering my twenty-first year working in the home building industry. As I reflect on this, it’s interesting to see the advances in building science that have come about since I first started. Many new technologies and materials have helped make home building and home ownership more affordable and efficient. This is great news, as it allows people who already own a home to upgrade to a newer and nicer home, which also happens to be the type of client I build for most often. When working with move-up buyers and other experienced clients, there are a few concepts that seem to come up in conversation regularly.”

You can read the online article by clicking here.


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