Andy Stauffer Featured in “Build With Propane”

Written by Andy Stauffer

February 27

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The Propane Education & Research Council just ran a great article on how and why we at Stauffer & Sons use propane as a source of energy in many of our homes. Here’s an excerpt:

[Andy] Stauffer, president and owner of Stauffer and Sons Construction in Colorado Springs, has become a specialist in lodge-style mountain homes, typically on acreage. Customers frequently approach him with a vision: A secluded home in a remote area with a flickering fireplace. But that vision doesn’t typically include giving up popular and convenient features such as gas fire pits, cooking, and forced-air heating, Stauffer says. “When they think about the prospect of living in a more remote location, they tend to think that maybe they’ll have to give up some of those amenities,” he says. “We tell them, ‘No, by no means'”…

Read the full article here.


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