Cape Cod Magazine Feature – A Cape Cod Home in Colorado

Written by Andy Stauffer

September 7

red cape cod home in colorado

colorado cape cod style homeCape Cod Magazine’s September issue features a story on the Brown Residence, a beautiful new home we recently built in Monument, Colorado. You might be wondering why a monthly publication in Massachusetts would write a story on a home in the Rocky Mountains, but the Brown Residence is unique: it’s a Cape Cod style home. That’s right: a home with the famous look and feel of houses you’d find in the Bay State, but it’s located right here in the Pikes Peak region. Here’s an excerpt:

When Ken and Pam Brown started asking architects near their hometown of Monument, Colo., to design a Cape Cod house for them, they received blank stares. “It was like we were speaking a foreign language,” says Ken. But then they found Andy Stauffer of Stauffer and Sons Construction, who had a different response. “I said, ‘Sure, let’s do it!'” says Stauffer. “I immediately recognized it as a basic concept because, architecturally, Cape Cod houses are an iconic piece of American history.”

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