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As the Director of Marketing & IT for Stauffer & Sons Construction, I’m always looking for technology that can help our company become better, faster, and more efficient. I’m also on the lookout for ways to market our homes (and our company) as effectively as possible, and technology often helps us accomplish this. Today, I’m happy to announce a new way we’ve found to harness technology to market our business. We’ve partnered with a local company that’s offering some of the most advanced 3D imagery for homes I’ve ever seen: a high-resolution 360° degree virtual home tour. You may have seen a virtual tour for homes before, but this is far and away the best I’ve come across.

We hired Brandon Behr from Virtual Visit to “scan” a home we built a few months ago on Darr Drive in the Black Forest. His extremely high resolution Matterport camera took hundreds of photos and stitched them all together, creating the virtual tour you can see below. Give it a test drive! It’s similar to Google Street View: you just click on where you want to go in the home and it will take you there. (It may take a minute to load—the tour is very high in resolution)! Note that you can view not only the virtual walk through of the home, but if you click on one of the controls on the bottom left of the screen you can switch to either “doll house view” or “floor plan” view. The doll house view gives you the option to view each floor of your home from above, without the roof or walls obstructing your view. Give it a try!

Stauffer & Sons is proud to be the first custom home builder in Colorado to leverage this very cool technology. To learn more about how it works, you can see a video of the system in action on national news here: Matterport on Fox Business. We’re looking forward to making more virtual tours of our homes available in the future. Stay tuned for more!

About Ron Stauffer

Ron Stauffer has been building websites and marketing businesses on the web for over twelve years. He has certifications from Apple, Google, Rackspace, and Hubspot, and content he has written for clients has been featured in NBC National News, US News & World Report, Realtor.com, Builder Magazine, AmEx Open Forum, and other national publications. His professional motto is: "data wins arguments," and he uses data-driven marketing efforts to grow businesses online with proven ROI. He lives in the Boulder area in Colorado, with his wife and five children. Learn more about Ron Stauffer here.