Andy Stauffer Quoted for National Preparedness Month

Written by Andy Stauffer

September 25


QuoteWizard Insurance News ran a story this month about how to remain prepared during natural disasters and other catastrophic events, and Andy contributed some information on preventing forest fires from burning your home. Having rebuilt more than twenty homes from the forest fires in Colorado Springs, Andy’s tried to help not only rebuild after fires, but help prevent home fires from happening in the first place. Here’s an excerpt:

“Speaking of wildfires, Andy Stauffer, president and owner of Stauffer and Sons Construction, reminds people to check their roof vents. “Homeowner[s] should check to make sure that the mesh in their soffit vents is made out of metal, not nylon or plastic [which can combust]. Fortunately, it’s a relatively simple and inexpensive task to replace them if needed.”

Read the full article here.


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